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Central London & Tunbridge Wells


“Melanie is a thoughtful, attentive and inspiring teacher.  She is also every bit as tough (when necessary) as all my rugby, athletics and water polo coaches.

Pilates is a hard discipline to learn but I could not think of a better mentor!”


Steve Smith

"What do I think of Melanie...?

Competence, rigour, efficiency, kindness, gentleness...

All that you need to delight both the body and the mind.

Thank you, Melanie."


Josette Amor

“I have been studying Pilates in Canada for 25 years, but found Melanie's classes to be excellent as well as challenging.  In both private and group lessons, Melanie was a focussed teacher who was attentive to her students' individual needs, while pushing us to improve and progress in the Pilates programme.  My husband also took up Pilates with Melanie and he too appreciated the energy and discipline that she brought to his Pilates sessions.  We both have no hesitation recommending Melanie for a true Pilates experience.”


Diane McDowell

“As a 52 year old rugby/hockey "bloke" I could not have been more cynical when my physio recommended Pilates. However, after six months in Melanie's care I can claim to be an almost evangelical convert. The Reformer machine and the Pilates priciples force all of your joints and muscles to opereate in the right plane and engage core muscles... After years of suffering from frustrationg and repetitive calf, Achiles and hamstring injuries I can now play hockey twice a week with no ill effects and feel genuinely liberated. ”


Tim Musgrave