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The Pilates Coach

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why ?


Pilates is an intelligent accompaniment to dance and different sport professions.


It offers you

* deeper strength

* increased flexibility

* increased physical awareness 

It allows you to

* perform at a higher level  

* protects you from injuries.


An ex-professional, I understand the level you are working at and what is required to obtain and maintain that level.


Schedules, performances and matches can be gruelling; Pilates can help you to

* be more efficient in the way you use your body

* increase core strength

* reduce unnecessary fatigue and help you to

* recover rapidly after a major effort or an injury

Physical and mental well-being is vital to every part of life, both professionally and personally. All too often we put off taking care of ourselves. (Our reasons are always good ones!) This leaves us run down, tired, in pain, stressed... Pilates is a solution to many of these problems but, more simply, it will leave you in better physical and mental shape so you can get on and enjoy the rest of your life.


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Suffering from an injury, cronic pain or recovering from an injury or an operation can be difficult.  Pilates can maintain the rest of the body's strength, balance and flexibility therefore preventing further problems caused by compensation.  When the injured or weakened part of the body is ready, it can re-build stregth without causing strain.  Through adapting the exercises to your specific needs and ability, Pilates allows you to alleviate and manage pain. In certain cases pain is eliminated completely.  Recovery is quicker and the chance of relapse is considerably reduced.  It is highly recommended that you speak to your doctor before atteneding a class.  A disscusion with your teacher before starting is essential and it is generally recommended that you begin with one-to-one classes.

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